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About Me

I am an advocate for my clients, life coaching them over the phone in 45 minute sessions. I work with brilliant, successful women who feel stuck, sometimes fearful and just not sure what to do next. My job is to help hear their truth and walk with them as they step out to reinvent, reclaim and re-ignite the spark for their next great adventure! I am a author, a speaker and a woman on a mission to help you have more fun, more energy and remember what it is to run like a girl.

The world is waiting...

One on One
I believe that every girl is a secret weapon and a power who can change the world—and that in every woman’s
life there is a tipping point where she decides whether she has the courage to own her destiny. Coaching is
a powerful tool to help a woman hear herself and her calling
I am passionate about helping small non-profits grow and seeing Executive Directors get the tools they need
for personal care, team building, fundraising and creating supportive boards that further your mission!
Whats Clients Say
"Kathy makes me want to quit everything and just fly!"
Julie Arduini
Whats Clients Say
"Kathy helped me unwrap God's gift in me and continues to cheer me on from the sidelines with loving care and gentle insight. She's the best and I recommend her wherever I go."
Sue Donaldson
Whats Clients Say
"Kathy has an incredible gift for getting to the root of a matter in amazingly short order. She captured all the wondering and dreams and nudges of my life.
Karen Sjoblom
What does it look like for you to run
like a girl? Do you remember the
freedom and lightness when you played as a child? Can you recall your creativity, your ability
to take risks and the feeling that anything was possible?
Kathy Vick’s messages fuel and inspire women to run the race, to take responsibility for their mission and
calling and to have fun in the process! She reminds us that it is the dream we had at ten and still have
at fifty that we need to pay attention to.
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    California 45120 Highway 79 #319 Aguanga, CA 92536
    Phone: 503-886-9642