Running With Scissors, Eating Paste

Running With Scissors, Eating Paste

Sometimes Excavating the Girl Means Running With Scissors, Eating Paste

“There is always a cost for change, always.  If you think you can get there the easy, quick or pain free method, you will be sorely disappointed.”

Neighbor: “Hey there!”

Me: “Happy New Year, how is it going?”

Neighbor: “ Pretty good, you lost weight?”

Me: “Yeah”

Neighbor: “How ya’ do it?”

Me: “Take Shape For Life, heard of it?”

Neighbor: “Oh, I did that, tasted like paste and I figure life is too short.”

Too short for what? I thought.

Most successful people will tell you to make real change in your life you may have to act in ways that seem uncomfortable and risky. Sort of like running with scissors and eating paste.

Four months ago, I made a decision to change the way I did food.  I ate food that I would only eat if I were stuck in space and spent nine hideous, days of tearful, sugar and carb withdrawals. Change—real walk through glass to get there, mind-and body altering change is hard won.  Don’t believe anyone who tells you that you can get there any other way.

Now 45lbs lighter I have a new appreciation for an apple.  I yearn for salads packed with my favorite veggies and sometimes when I am savoring my ½ cup of sugar-free Jell-O, I wonder how I missed its virtues in the past—weird.  Weird for me anyway, cause this girl has always loved food. Heck, I have dated food.  Perhaps weirder still is the desire for other foods is sort of lackluster and doesn’t pull me like it has in the past. Although I can enjoy them, my life no longer revolves around them. A chip has shifted in my head.

And life is short.  Too short to sit on the couch wondering what it be like to be doing something else. Too short to be anyone else, other than who God made you and Too short to stop hoping for more…

So, I invite you, challenge you, and twist your arm to come with me in the next three months as I continue my journey to excavate the girl. I could use the company and support. I promise to share every excruciating moment as I run in public with scissors and eat more paste until I reach my goal.

PS: For all of my fluffy, beautiful friends who are gorgeous just the way they are, of course you are the bomb! I wouldn’t want you to change a thing. The journey I am on is how I am excavating the girl inside of me.  Your path may be different and I am here to cheer you on!

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